October 16-18, 2014- Carlisle: PA’s Great Valley and adjacent mountains

FCOPG3.gif79th Annual Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists, 2014 PENNSYLVANIA’S GREAT VALLEY AND ADJACENT MOUNTAINS, Carlisle, PA Hosts: Dickinson College and Pennsylvania Geological Survey The 79th Annual Field Conference of PA Geologists will convene in Carlisle, PA, October 16-18, 2014. The meeting will present bedrock, economic and environmental geology, structures and geomorphology of South Mountain, the Great Valley and the bordering area of the Appalachian Mountains that are exposed principally in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin and Perry Counties. Use of LIDAR in mapping and interpreting bedrock and geomorphology is a theme. Three classic sites from the 1991 Field Conference will be revisited with new interpretations. We will visit 5 quarries in sandstone, limestone, shale, and colluvium/alluvium and discuss their geologic as well as their diverse economic importance. The results of dye-tracing that demonstrates long-distance travel of ground water to large springs in carbonates will be featured. The banquet program will discuss the history of iron mining at one of the 19th century charcoal furnaces in the area. Half-day pre-conference trips inlcuding Yellow Breeches Geology by Kayak, Caving the Great Valley, Orienteering South Mountain, The Marcellus of South Central PA, Battle of South Mountain, Fossil Collecting, and The Story of Boiling Springs will be offered for sites not suitable for large groups.