2019   84th Annual Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists

Chapter 5: The case of the missing Catskill- Clues from Wayne, Sullivan, and Susquehanna Counties

Carbondale, PA

Thursday, October 3, 2019 – Preconference Trips & Registration
Friday and Saturday, October 4-5, 2019 – Field Trip

Trip Leaders:

  • Bill Kochanov, retired PA Geological Survey
  • Brett McLaurin, Bloomsburg University
  • Duane Braun, retired Bloomsburg University

Headquarters: Anthracite Hotel, Carbondale and offsite locations with shuttle service

Registration begins – August 1 at 9:00AM

Rogers (1858) called it the “table land.” White (1881) characterized Wayne and Susquehanna Counties as “… an almost horizontal inclined plane, of Catskill measures…” estimating that 95 percent of the rock is Catskill. These early descriptions became the norm as the paucity of useable outcrop and relatively horizontal bedding contributed to the lack of detailed stratigraphy for the Catskill in this section of Pennsylvania.

Recent bedrock mapping was initiated in northern Wayne and Susquehanna Counties to examine the undivided segment of the Catskill Formation delimited on the present State Geologic Map (Berg, 1980). The intent was to determine if the Catskill could be differentiated into more formalized mappable members and to clarify its basal contact with the marine Lock Haven Formation. The 2019 Field Conference will examine a select number of these rare and often breath-taking exposures, examine the clues, and attempt to shoehorn them into the ever-changing framework of Pennsylvania’s geologic story.

Tentative stops include examining and viewing: spectacular Catskill sections, transitional contacts (is that a marine fossil or a pisolith?), astounding regional structures (it’s all flat, right?), Elk Hill (what a view), Ararat Mountain (is it Pocono or is it Spechty Kopf?), Catskill karst (caves and the origin of colluvium), fining-upward cycles (what is an agglomerate?), fish burrows or magic mushrooms, bluestone quarries (partings, inclusions, and smoky quartz).

Much to ponder, more to arm-wave. Come along to do bothFCOPG3.gif